Blacker the Berry

I just read the teacher report about a teacher stopping all teaching of his books and teaching about Kendrick Lamar’s album, To Pimp a Butterfly. He goes through the motions of how a young male lived in the time period of racial profiling and the enslavement of the innocent African American people. They talk about how they would take someone (the African American) who is symbolically like a butterfly, and they would pimp them with hate. Making them hate themselves. They talk about how the African American’s back then would pray to have “yellow hair, pink skin, and blue eyes” to be just like the stereotype american. Why are Americans so glorified?

I feel as though i shouldn’t have the privilege to listen to Kendrick because of the horrible, unspeakable things the whites did to the African Americans. I don’t get to worship his music if it all about how poorly we treated him because to me its just good music but to him he is the one that lived through it and has to live with the awfulness of what had happened.

The way we treated the African Americans is horrible and i don’t believe in praising any part of it because of how awful it is. The article about the Kendrick really opened my eyes to how this act of white supremacy affected and still affects them. It will forever be apart of their history and be something that they remember for years years and years after Kendrick is gone.

I think America will forever remember the horrible injustices they served on these innocent people and it will forever haunt (some of) us. And thanks to the people like Kendrick Lamar, we can easily realize what shitty people we were back 50 years ago and thank god its not like that anymore.

Circle With the Arrow on Top

Over the years kids have been constantly judged for the things they like, the things they wear, music they listen to, and what they look like. The popular kids lashing out and saying “no one likes you shut up” can only make our self esteem go down about 10000 points until its at rock bottom and what is this doing to us? how does it make us feel any better? This year i have come to the realization that…no matter who you are, what you like we can all get along. I came to this realization in my fourth period art class, where there are 3 very unique individuals. 3 people that i never imagined myself ever being friends with. Each of these people different, funny, sweet, smart and beautiful. To most people they would not have been seen as pretty because they are different, but being friends with them since, has made me realize that we needn’t judge anyone by their cover because everyone is unique and different. They have taught me that everyone, regardless of their sexuality, looks, voice, ANYTHING, deserves a chance. No matter what. I think that nowadays women are told they need to put on makeup and dress up every day to look good, to look beautiful. This word Beautiful, what does it mean? Well the literal definition is pleasing the mind or senses aesthetically. This definition is something I think we have lost site of. To please the mind, is in my opinion, to be sweet, kind, and pretty on the inside. That is such a cliche saying however it’s true. Why does what shows on the outside the thing that matters so much. Underneath this skin, is a face…a bone structure and everyone has the same one. Why does one person’s face defy another’s? Beauty is something that comes from inside and shines outwards. Without a pretty soul you cant have a pretty physical presence. Women now, don’t believe they’re beautiful. I too, am guilty of this. I look in the mirror and blatantly stare at all the things i don’t like instead of the things that are beautiful, the things that make me beautiful inside and out. We think we need makeup and sexy clothes to make ourselves something. Why is our brain constantly looking at the negative things?  We women are all, every single one of us, beautiful and we need to start remembering and realizing that things are NEVER as bad as they seem, and that we are not, absolutely not ugly. Women are beautiful, fragile, wonderful, emotional creatures. And that is something men simply don’t get. They don’t understand that there are things we will cry about, things we will get upset at, things we will always worry about. Now is the time that we tell the women of this world, that they are loved, that they are beautiful no matter what is on their skin, what clothes they wear, what their voice sounds like when they cry and try to explain why. There is nothing, 100% nothing unjust about crying and men or rather, boys are afraid of that. And that is why kids in schools are some fucking sheltered and scared of women and their emotions. Scared of how they bleed from their bodies ever 29 days. Why is something so painful and draining so embarrassing? Why do we have to shame ourselves? Men who lay in their beds at night watching explicit, exploiting videos and joke about it the next day aren’t shamed, this is an emotion, a drive, they cant control. So riddle me this, why are periods any worse? It is something uncontrollable and a thousand times worse than jacking off every night. This may have been a bit of a tangent, however it serves the point that men  or boys are too sensitive to things girls go through or rather, things girls are self conscious about. And why? Why do they get the luxury of pretending it doesn’t happen and making girls feel like they cant cry or talk about things in front of them. Now of course, not all men or boys are like this, some are incredibly understanding, and only then is some girl lucky enough to find that perfect man. someone who is mature enough to deal with the blood, tears, and anger of a beautiful woman.


In the past women have truly been treated like the scum on the earth. And there are people that have constantly tried to fight it and yet there is still..STILL  in this day and age people making fun of the rape of women and pushing them below them as if they are worse humans solely because they are female. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we are all equal humans on this earth, we all need to treated as such. Why is that women who graduate college with straight A’s get paid less than men who graduate with C’s. To say women are better than men is equally sexist but we work our asses off to even come close to competing with them. What is so good about being man, honestly? How is one gender better than the next. Women are powerful beings and are treated like shit and its time to put an end to this, why is there sexism? Why do boys think they’re so much better than the opposite gender, we all need to treat each other equally and not look down on anyone for any reason.